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The Best Private Rehabilitation Center | Enjoy Your Own Private Room

At Chapters Capistrano our Beach House location offers six private rooms, while the Pool House location offers five rooms – four of which are private.

Privacy Makes the Best Rehab Environment

A sterile, hospital-like setting is not a welcoming environment to begin one’s journey toward recovery from drug or alcohol addiction. Nor is a dormitory-type, “forced shared room model” necessarily the best setting to begin the recovery process. To maximize profits, rehabilitation centers might crowd as many beds as possible into a facility. But at Chapters, we provide you with a warm, hospitable environment, with the privacy you desire.

Many clients do benefit from sharing a room with another client, as some individuals in recovery respond well to having a roommate with whom they can share thoughts, struggles, hopes and dreams. Here, at Chapters, you have the option of staying in a private rehab room, or with a roommate, if preferred. It’s your choice at our private substance abuse treatment center.


Our professional and friendly counselors are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Privacy is just one of the many benefits we offer to our clients:

We don’t “tear you down to build you up,” but at Chapters, we don’t coddle clients, either. Private drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers can be uncomfortable enough, given that clients are typically detoxing to begin their stay, and are discussing issues in group and individual therapy sessions that can cause emotional pain and discomfort. For some clients, the sanctuary of a private room is what is needed to reflect, read, meditate, and build a solid foundation toward sobriety.

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Our individualized treatment services are tailored specifically to each of our clients. We’ll develop your individual plan to include services you prefer, including spiritual or non-spiritual approaches, personal or group sessions, 12-step or non-12-step programs, and much more.

Find Out How You Can Stay at a Luxurious Rehab Facility with Little to No Out of Pocket Expenses

We will work with your health insurance provider so that you can enjoy treatment, and all you have to do is verify your insurance with us.